What is a Dine Around?

Dine Arounds are part of the conference program that allows conference colleagues to gather for dinner to discuss professional topics in a small, intimate dining setting. The dinners can range in size from groups of 6-20. There is a dine around coordinator who hosts a particular topic of interest at a pre-determined local restaurant. 



Chicago Dining Partners

This restaurant is located less than four blocks from the Palmer House Hotel.
MPSA meal cost (including tax and gratuity) is $59 ● Menu

Located in the heart of Little Italy, The Rosebud features classic Italian-American dishes and a charming atmosphere, this is the original Rosebud location that started a legend and became one of Chicago’s most iconic destinations. With every bite of its famous dishes, you’ll know why The Rosebud has been a favorite spot for food lovers and world-famous celebrities for nearly 40 years.