Silenced Research

MPSA has created this “Silenced Research” panel in response to recent Executive Orders on visas and immigration which have limited entry into the United States by citizens from select countries. The participating scholars affected by the EO have subsequently accepted our invitation to present their research virtually.

Please join us on Friday, April 7 (8am – 9:30am - Empire) at the Palmer House Hilton to support our colleagues.

Local Elites and Colonial Administration: Evidence from British India 

Arash Naghavi, University of Konstanz, Graduate School of Decision Sciences. We investigate the persistent effect of the Frontier Crimes Regulation, introduced by the British colonial state into the north-western frontier regions of British India in 1901 and abolished by the Pakistan in 1968, on socio-economic development.


The Rise of Islamic Feminism: A Comparative Study between Iran and Saudi Arabia 

Dalia Elsayed, Texas A & M University at Qatar. Dalia Elsayed is Research Associate in the Liberal Arts Program at Texas A&M University at Qatar. Elsayed is completing a MA in Gulf Studies from Qatar University. Elsayed’s research interests are feminist studies, women in Islam, and Gulf studies.


Type of Constitution-Making Body: Does it Matter for Democratization in Post-Conflict States and in States in Transition from Authoritarian Rule?

Abrak Saati, Umeå University. This paper provides one piece to a bigger research puzzle concerning the circumstances under which constitution-building can strengthen democracy after violent conflict and during transitions from authoritarian rule.