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2013 Award Recipients

The MPSA sponsors many awards for outstanding research presented at the MPSA Conference and one award for the best article published in each volume of the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS). Nominations are made by conference chairs, discussants, and section heads after the conference. Award committees select the winning papers. Awards are announced at the MPSA business meeting during the conference the following year.

AJPS Best Article Award. A $1,000 award, sponsored by Wiley Blackwell Publishing, for the best article appearing in the volume of the American Journal of Political Science preceding the conference.
: John S. Ahlquist, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Erik Wibbels, Duke University
: "Riding the Wave: World Trade and Factor-Based Models of Democratization" Volume 56, Issue 2, pp. 447-464
Award Committee: Christina Wolbrecht, University of Notre Dame (Chair): Kelly Kadera, University of Iowa; Irfan Nooruddin, The Ohio State University

Best Paper by an Emerging Scholar Award. A $250 award for the best paper, regardless of field or topic, authored by a scholar or scholars who have received their terminal degree(s) within six years of the year of the meeting at which the paper was delivered.
Winner: Matt Grossmann, Michigan State University
Title: “How Much Do Agendas Matter? Issue Attention and Policy Change"
Award Committee: Stephen Nicholson, University of California, Merced (Chair); Brady Baybeck, Wayne State University; Jennifer Wolak, University of Colorado

Best Paper in Comparative Policy Award. A $500 award sponsored by the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice (JCPA) and International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum for the best paper in comparative policy. The winner(s) may submit their paper to JCPA for an expedited triple blind-fold review process.
Winner: Carla M. Flink, Texas A&M University
Title: “Strength of Fiscal Bureaucracy and Budget Changes”
Award Committee: Charles H. Blake, James Madison University (Chair); Christoffer Green-Pedersen, University of Aarhus, Denmark; Meghna Sabharwal, University of Texas at Dallas

Best Paper in International Relations. A $250 award for the best paper in international relations.
Winners: Emily Hencken Ritter, University of Alabama, and Courtenay R. Conrad, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Title: “International Human Rights Treaties and Mobilized Challenges against the State”
Award Committee: Caroline Hartzell, Gettysburg College (Chair); David Clark, SUNY, Binghamton; Daniel Reiter, Emory University

Best Paper Presented in a Poster Format. A $250 award for the best paper presented in a poster format.
Winner: Andrea Stephanie Aldrich, University of Pittsburgh
Title: “Strategic Parties in the European Parliament: Competition, Bias, and Voting in Empirical Assessments of Party Strength”
Award Committee: Brigid Harrison, Montclair State University (Chair); Lisa Hilbink, University of Minnesota; Isaac Unah, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Best Undergraduate Paper Presented in a Poster Format. A $250 award for the best undergraduate paper presented in a poster format.
Winner: Tyler Petersen, University of St. Thomas
Title: “Bringing Home the Bacon: How Does Slicing the Pork Affect the Electability and Fundraising of Congressional Candidates?”
Award Committee: Tyson King-Meadows, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Chair); Sherri Wallace, University of Louisville

Kellogg/Notre Dame Award. A $250 award for the best paper in comparative politics.
Winners: Benjamin Helge Neudorfer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Natascha Simone Neudorfer, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Title: “Decentralization and Political Corruption: Disaggregating Regional Authority”
Award Committee: Sona Golder, Pennsylvania State University (Chair); Jennifer Seely, Earlham College; Alex Pacek, Texas A&M University

Lucius Barker Award. A $250 award for the author or authors of the best paper on a topic investigating race or ethnicity and politics and honoring the spirit and work of Professor Barker.
Winners: Lonna Atkeson, University of New Mexico, Shannon Sanchez-Youngman, University of New Mexico, and Alex N. Adams, University of New Mexico
Title: “Latino Descriptive Voting: Evidence in the 2010 Gubernatorial Race in New Mexico”
Award Committee: David Leal, University of Texas, Austin (Chair); Gabriel Sanchez, University of New Mexico; Jamila Michener, University of Michigan

Patrick J. Fett Award. A $250 award for the best paper on the scientific study of Congress and the Presidency.
Winner: Charles Stewart III, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: “The Value of Committee Assignments in Congress since 1994”
Award Committee: E. Scott Adler, University of Colorado (Chair); Frances E. Lee, University of Maryland; Andrew Rudalevige, Dickinson College

Pi Sigma Alpha Award. A $250 award for the best paper delivered at the conference.
Winners: Jason Lyall, Yale University, Graeme Blair, Princeton University, and Kosuke Imai, Princeton University
Title: “Explaining Support for Combatants during Wartime: A Survey Experiment in Afghanistan”
Award Committee: Jane Junn, University of Southern California (Chair); Cara Wong, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Jason Wittenberg, University of California, Berkeley

Review of Politics Award. A $250 award for the best paper in normative political theory.
Winner: Brandon P. Turner, Clemson University
Title: “Privates Vices, Public Benefits: Mandragola and Antagonism in Machiavelli’s Political Thought”
Award Committee: Michael Neblo, The Ohio State University (Chair); Marek Steedman, University of Southern Mississippi; Michaele Ferguson, University of Colorado

Robert H. Durr Award. A $250 award for the best paper applying quantitative methods to a substantive problem in political science.
Winner: Yanna Krupnikov, Northwestern University
Title: “Who Participates?: Reconsidering the Relationship between Attitudes and Actions”
Award Committee: James Granato, University of Houston (Chair); Corrine McConnaughy, The Ohio State University; Jake Bowers, University of Illinois

Sophonisba Breckinridge Award. A $250 award for the best paper delivered on the topic of women and politics.
Winner: Sarah Poggione, Ohio University
Title: “Gender Differences in Policymaking Activities”
Award Committee: Lisa Baldez, Dartmouth College (Chair); Heather Ondercin, University of Mississippi; Nicholas Winter, University of Virginia

Westview Press Award. A $250 award for the best paper delivered by a graduate student.
Winner: Rory Truex, Yale University
Title: “Co-optation or Specialization? Politics and Policy in China's Highest Congress”
Award Committee: Patrick Egan, New York University (Chair); Zoe Oxley, Union College; Duane Swank, Marquette University