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2012 Award Recipients

AJPS Best Article Award. A $1,000 award, sponsored by Wiley Blackwell Publishing, for the best article appearing in the volume of the American Journal of Political Science preceding the conference.
Winners: James Adams, University of California, Davis, Lawrence Ezrow, University of Essex, and Zeynep Somer-Topcu, Vanderbilt University
Title: "Is Anybody Listening? Evidence That Voters Do Not Respond to European Parties' Policy Statements During Elections" Volume 55, Issue 2, pp. 370-382
Award Committee: James Fowler, University of California, San Diego, Chair; Brandon Bartels, George Washington University; and Kyle Joyce, University of California, Davis

Best Paper by an Emerging Scholar Award. A $250 award for the best paper, regardless of field or topic, authored by a scholar or scholars who have received their terminal degree(s) within six years of the year of the meeting at which the paper was delivered.

Winners: Christopher Ellis, Bucknell University, and Patrick C. Wohlfarth, Washington University in St. Louis
Title: “Political Context and Regulatory Decision Making: The Impact of Public Opinion on Decentralized Policy Enforcement"
Award Committee: Chris Wlezien, Temple University, Chair; Jacqueline DeMeritt, University of North Texas; Vera Troeger, University of Essex

Best Paper in International Relations. A $250 award for the best paper in international relations.
Winners: Jennifer L. Merolla, Claremont Graduate University, J. Daniel Montalvo, Vanderbilt University, and Elizabeth J. Zechmeister, Vanderbilt University
Title: “Terrorism and Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean?”
Award Committee: David Bearce, University of Colorado, Chair; Sara Croco, University of Maryland; Megan Shannon, University of Mississippi

Best Poster Award. A $250 award for the best poster presentation.
Winner: Marius Radean, Florida State University
Title: “The Conditional Effect of Cabinet Membership on Party Switching”
Award Committee: Sona Golder, Pennsylvania State University, Chair; Kentaro Fukumoto, Gakushuin University; Paul Herrnson, University of Maryland; Kris Miler, University of Illinois

Best Undergraduate Poster Award. A $250 award for the best poster presented by an undergraduate.
Winner: Casey S. Crisman-Cox, Pennsylvania State University
Title: “Terrorism, Democracies, and Partisanship: Interactions between Governments and Intrastate Terrorist Groups”
Award Committee: Steve Frantzich, U.S. Naval Academy, Chair; George Marcus, Williams College; Grant Neeley, University of Dayton

Kellogg/Notre Dame Award. A $250 award for the best paper in comparative politics.
Winner: Christian Houle, Trinity College, Dublin
Title: “Consolidating Democracy in Plural Societies: Ethnic Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa”
Award Committee: Mikki Kittilson, Arizona State University, Chair; Michelle Dion, McMaster University; Ray Duch, University of Oxford

Lucius Barker Award. A $250 award for the author or authors of the best paper on a topic investigating race or ethnicity and politics and honoring the spirit and work of Professor Barker.
Winner: Efrén O. Pérez, Vanderbilt University
Title: “Black Ice? Race and the Political Psychology of Implicit Bias”
Award Committee: Matt Barreto, University of Washington, Chair; Rodolfo Espino, Arizona State University; Ismail White, The Ohio State University

Patrick J. Fett Award. A $250 award for the best paper on the scientific study of Congress and the Presidency.
Winners: Samuel Kernell, University of California, San Diego, and Scott A. MacKenzie, University of California, Davis
Title: “From Political Careers to Career Politicians”
Award Committee: Shawn Trier, University of Minnesota, Chair; Scott Meinke, Bucknell University; Jennifer Nicoll Victor, University of Pittsburgh

Pi Sigma Alpha Award. A $250 award for the best paper delivered at the conference.
Winners: Nicholas Charron, University of Gothenburg, and Victor Lapuente, University of Gothenburg
Title: “Why Do Some Regions in Europe Have Higher Quality of Government?”
Award Committee: John Scholz, Florida State University, Chair; Jason Mycoff, University of Delaware; Corwin Smidt, Michigan State University

Review of Politics Award. A $250 award for the best paper in normative political theory.
Winner: J. S. Maloy, Oklahoma State University
Title: “Ancient and Medieval Antecedents of Reason of State: Skepticism and Pragmatism”
Award Committee: Eric MacGilvray, The Ohio State University, Chair; Aurelian Craiutu, Indiana University; Lisa Ellis, Texas A&M University

Robert H. Durr Award. A $250 award for the best paper applying quantitative methods to a substantive problem in political science.
Winners: Jens Hainmueller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Dominik Hangartner, University of California, Berkeley
Title: “Who Gets a Swiss Passport? A Natural Experiment in Immigrant Discrimination”
Award Committee: Fred Boehmke, University of Iowa, Chair; Dino Christenson, Boston University; Jas Sekhon, University of California, Berkeley

Sophonisba Breckinridge Award. A $250 award for the best paper delivered on the topic of women and politics.
Winner: Melody Crowder-Meyer, The University of the South
Title: “Candidate Recruitment and Party Networks: How the Beliefs and Behavior of Local Party Leaders Affect Women’s Representation”
Winner: Sarah A. Fulton, Texas A&M University
Title: “When Gender Matters: Partisanship, Ideological Proximity and Valence”
Award Committee: Lee Ann Banaszak, Pennsylvania State University, Chair; Amber Boydstun, University of California, Davis; Kira Sanbonmatsu, Rutgers University

Westview Press Award. A $250 award for the best paper delivered by a graduate student.
Winner: Laura Paler, Columbia University
Title: “Keeping the Public Purse: An Experiment in Windfalls, Taxes and Transparency”
Award Committee: Paul Collins, University of North Texas, Chair; Amanda Licht, University of South Carolina; Anand Sokhey, University of Colorado