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The MPSA offers three conference scholarships: Conference Registration Fee Waiver Scholarship; Harrell Rodgers Graduate Student Travel Scholarship; and the Childcare Scholarship. The eligibility criteria, application process, and application deadlines are described below.

Childcare Scholarship

Assistance to help defray half the cost (up to $250 of support) for childcare during the MPSA Annual Conference is offered to attendees who are current members of the MPSA (with an annual income below $75,000) and who are staying at the Palmer House or Hilton Chicago. 

One company that the Palmer House has referred guests to for years is American Child Care. The rates for a family are $21 per hour with a four-hour minimum and a $25 agency fee. They accept reservations online and caution that reservations for childcare during the day should be made at least two weeks in advance. Information about their staff and security norms are on their website.

Information for the 2015 Childcare Scholarship will be posted here this summer.

Conference Registration Fee Waiver Scholarship

Fee waivers are provided to individuals on the program who are either 1) scholars studying at an institution in the developing world, or 2) not political scientists and have not attended the conference in the past. This second category includes people from other disciplines (e.g., history or economics) or people who are practitioners (e.g., judges and reporters). Fee waivers are provided on a first-come basis.  

Fee Waiver Scholarship information will be posted here this Summer.

Harrell Rodgers Graduate Student Travel Scholarship

This scholarship, initiated by the Policy Studies Organization, provides $500 in travel assistance for MPSA student members to attend the MPSA Annual Conference. The scholarship is named in honor of Harrell Rodgers, who has served MPSA for many years.  The number of scholarships varies in any given year.  Recipients are selected by the Harrell Rodgers Scholarship Committee.

The Harrell Rodgers Scholarship application will be posted here this Summer.