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Conference Paper Archive

This archive contains the title, author, abstract, year, and section for all papers presented at the MPSA Conference, beginning in 2004. Papers can be searched by title, author, or keyword (e.g. “political science”). Click “Advanced Search Tips” for details about how to search the archive.

Full Text Versions Available for Members Only: If a paper is available, members may click on “Read Full Paper” to access the full text version. Members may also bookmark papers for future reference and share information through Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or email.

Non-members may view the title, author, abstract, year and section for all papers, but will not be able to access the full text versions. To join the MPSA, click here!

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Advanced Search Tips

When you enter your search, you will get results with that term in the paper's content (title, abstract, paper), the paper's author(s), and the paper's section. So, a search for Clinton will retrieve paper's both written by someone named Clinton and mentioning somone named Clinton (which may be the paper's subject, or may be a reference to another paper by an author named Clinton).

You can use query operators to restrict your search to certain fields. For example,

  • author:Gordon
  • section:"Political Psychology"
  • title:"electoral college"

Note that, by default, when your query contains multiple words or operators, results with any of the words or operators will be retrieved. If you want to narrow your search, you can use the AND operator; for example, Africa AND author:Kim