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2010 Program Committee

Program Co-Chairs, Maria Escobar-Lemmon, Texas A&M University, and Stephen Nicholson, University of California, Merced

Section 2: Comparative Politics: Industrialized Countries, Jonathan Rodden, Stanford University
Section 3: Comparative Politics: Developing Countries, Steve Wuhs, University of Redlands
Section 4: Comparative Politics: Transitions Toward Democracy, Gretchen Casper, Penn State University
Section 5: Comparative Politics: Political Institutions, Erika Moreno, Creighton University
Section 6: Comparative Politics: Political Behavior, Liz Zechmeister, Vanderbilt University
Section 7: European Politics, Tim Hellwig, Indiana University
Section 8: Latin American and Caribbean Politics, Greg Johnson, SUNY, Buffalo
Section 9: Asian Politics, Ethan Scheiner, University of California, Davis
Section 10: African Politics, Jennifer Seely, Earlham College
Section 11: Politics of the Middle East, Mike Herb, Georgia State University
Section 12: Canadian Politics, Laura Stephenson, University of Western Ontario
Section 13: Politics of Communist and Former Communist Countries, Kelly McMann, Case Western Reserve
Section 14: International Political Economy, Daniel Kono, University of California,  Davis
Section 15: International Relations and Domestic Politics, Ross Miller, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Section 16: International Security, Chris Sprecher, Texas A&M University
Section 17: Conflict Processes, Renatto Corbetta, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Section 18: Foreign Policy, Nehemia Geva, Texas A&M University
Section 19: International Cooperation and Organization, Mark Mullenbach, University of Central Arkansas
Section 20: Ethnicity and Nationalism, Hanna Birnir, University of Maryland
Section 21: Political Psychology, Kevin Arceneaux, Temple University
Section 22: Voting Behavior, Ben Highton, University of California, Davis
Section 23: Electoral Campaigns, Lynn Vavreck, University of California, Los Angeles
Section 24: Representation and Electoral Systems, Jeffrey Karp, University of Exeter
Section 25: Public Opinion, Jon Hurwitz, University of Pittsburgh
Section 26: Political Participation and Turnout, Brad Gomez, Florida State University
Section 27: Mass Media and Political Communication, Jason Barabas, Florida State University
Section 28: Gender and Politics, Leslie Schwindt-Bayer, University of Missouri, and Misha Taylor-Robinson, Texas A&M University
Section 29: Race, Class, and Ethnicity, Ismail White, The Ohio State University
Section 30: Foundations of Political Theory: Ancient, John Zumbrunnen, University of Wisconsin
Section 31: Foundations of Political Theory: Pre- and Early Modern, Daniel Brunstetter, University of California, Irvine
Section 32: Liberalism and Democratic Theory, Teena Gabrielson, University of Wyoming
Section 33: Contemporary Political Theory, Robert Taylor, University of California, Davis
Section 34: Political Philosophy: Approaches and Themes, Fonna Forman-Barzilai, University of California, San Diego
Section 35: Formal Modeling, Kris Kanthak, University of Pittsburgh
Section 36: Methodology, David Peterson, Iowa State University
Section 37: Information Technology and Politics, Caroline Tolbert, University of Iowa
Section 38: Political Parties and Interest Groups, David Damore, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Section 39: Presidency and Executive Politics, David Lewis, Vanderbilt University
Section 40: Legislative Politics: Institutions, Nate Monroe, University of California, Merced
Section 41: Legislative Politics: Campaigns and Elections, Jamie Carson, University of Georgia
Section 42:J udicial Politics, Tom Hansford, University of California, Merced
Section 43: Law and Jurisprudence, Terri Peretti, Santa Clara University
Section 44: International and Comparative Law, Alexandra Huneeus, University of Wisconsin Law School
Section 45: State and Intergovernmental Politics, Stacy Gordon, University of Nevada, Reno
Section 46: Urban and Local Politics, Jessica Trounstine, Princeton University
Section 47: Public Policy, Alisa Hicklin, University of Oklahoma
Section 48: Economic Policy, Michelle Dion, Georgia Tech
Section 49: Environmental Politics and Policy, Carol Silva, University of Oklahoma
Section 50: Public Administration, David Nixon, University of Hawaii
Section 51: Politics and History, Robert Mickey, University of Michigan
Section 52: Political Geography, David Darmofal, University of South Carolina
Section 53: Political Sociology and Culture, Florence Faucher-King, Vanderbilt University
Section 54: Politics and Religion, David Campbell, University of Notre Dame
Section 55: Political Anthropology, Larry Nespar, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Section 56: Teaching Political Science, Kerstin Hamann and Bruce Wilson, University of Central Florida
Section 57: Undergraduate Research, Richard Witmer, Creighton University
Section 58: Midwest Women's Caucus, Tracy Osborn, University of Iowa
Section 59: Society for Greek Political Thought, Carson Holloway, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Section 60: Caucus for LGBT Political Science, Jason Pierceson, University of Illinois, Springfield
Section 61: Leadership and Politics, Heather McDougall, Christopher Newport University
Section 62: Caucus for New Political Science, James Simmons, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Section 63: Midwest Latino Caucus, Jose D. Villalobos, Texas A&M University
Section 64: Midwest Caucus for Public Administration, Sean Nicholson-Crotty, University of Missouri
Section 65: Politics, Literature, and Film, Charles Rubin, Duquesne University