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COSSA Welcomes New Executive Director
The Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA) has recently announced the appointment of Wendy A. Naus as the next Executive Director of the organization.  Naus replaces Howard J. Silver, who will retire from COSSA at the end of the year after 30 years of service to the social science community. Read the full announcement.

Know the Vital Players in Your Career: Senior Administrators - When are deans, provosts, and presidents most likely to reverse a tenure decision? Read more of the latest from The Chronicle of Higher Education

NSF Launches Internal Review to Mend Relations with Congress – From AAAS’ Science Insider

Comment: Twitter matters as science seeks to make a social impact - Scientists are increasingly turning to social media to publicize their research. While some see Twitter and Facebook as a bit of fun, others find online tools are becoming integral to their work. 

Publishing and the Seven Deadly Sins - A series of blogs from AJPS Editor, Rick Wilson as he wraps up his fourth and final year with the journal. Tales of misguided submissions and poor grammar in his post on Greed and Sloth appear next to advice on word count and dealing with rejection in his post onGluttony and WrathLust, Envy and Pride round out the series. 

LGBT Caucus Announces Best Undergraduate Paper on LGBT Politics Award - The LGBT Caucus of the MPSA will present an award for the best undergraduate paper on LGBT politics at the MPSA 2014 conference.  To be considered for the award, papers should be nominated by the political faculty member who supervised the project, whether as classwork or as an independent study or honors project and presented as a paper at a poster session at the 2014 MPSA.  The nominated papers should be submitted as WORD files no later than Friday, January 10th to the members of the award committee: Kenneth Sherrill, Hunter College, CUNY, chair, Natasha Bingham, Loyola University New Orleans, and Jacob R. Longaker, University of Kansas

In Memoriam: Craig Leonard Brians, associate professor of political science at Virginia Tech, passed away Sunday, November 10. Brians was a member of MPSA and was serving as the Undergraduate Poster Chair for the MPSA 2014 annual conference. More information is available at Virginia Tech’s website.  

NSF to Hold Regular and Dissertation Competitions This Spring - The Political Science Program at NSF will be holding its regular and dissertation competitions this spring. As usual, the deadline for both competitions is January 15th with results being announced between the middle of May and early June. Learn more.

The Lingering Effects of the Government Shutdown on Census 2020 - With the Continuing Resolution now in place, things seem to be on track at least until January 15. What do delays and budget issues mean for long-term projects like Census 2020? Read the long-term implications in "Limping Along the Road to 2020", the latest from Terri Ann Lowenthal at The Census Project Blog.

America COMPETES Act – Committee Meeting Live Online 11/6/13 - On Wednesday, November 6 (2:30pm Eastern), the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation will hold a hearing to begin work on the reauthorization of the American COMPETES Act. According to the committee’s website, “This hearing will examine why the federal government must invest in research and development and STEM education, and how these investments drive innovation and the U.S. economy.”

COSSA's Colloquium on Social Science and Public Policy - COSSA’s Colloquium, November 4 and 5 in Washington DC, will feature presentations by Acting NSF Director Cora Marrett, NIH Deputy Director Lawrence Tabak, and new U.S. Census Director John Thompson, among others. COSSA is a major advocate for federal support of social science research.  For more information and to register, visit COSSA’s event page.The Census Project Issues Statement on Data Blackout - Mary Jo Hoeksema, Terri Ann Lowenthal and Phil Sparks, the co-directors of the Census Project have released a statement outlining the impact of the U.S. government shutdown on private and public sector policymakers and urge the Congress and the Administration to consider the implications of extended negotiations. Read the complete release. Calling All Academic Bloggers! - Inside Higher Ed, June 25--Lee Bessette introduces the Academic Blog Project, "a collaboratively curated repository of blogs and digital media related to academia and scholarly pursuits." Read more... Do Human Rights Treaties Work? The Monkey Cage, June 21--Henry Farrell highlights a new AJPS article by Yonatan Lupu, who finds that states that sign up to human rights treaties are more likely, not less, to commit human rights abuses. Read more... Ph.D. Placement Program The Chronicle of Higher Education seeks reliable data on job placement for Ph.D.s. See the early results or take the survey. MPSA President Lupia Speaks at Forum on Science and Technology Policy - Arthur Lupia, University of Michigan, spoke at the AAAS forum along with Cass Sunstein, author of Simpler:The Future of Government. Read more… Data Suggests Professors Putting Off Retirement

Inside Higher Ed, June 17, 2013 —Data from a Fidelity Investments study of higher education faculty suggest that professors are either significantly – or indefinitely – putting off retirement, and not just for financial reasons. Read more…

Study Examines College Textbook Pricing and Transparency - According to a study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, students have greater access to textbook pricing information and have benefited from increased transparency. Read more… USDOE Seeks Members for Panel on 'Gainful Employment' Rules - Chronicle of Higher Education, June 12--The U.S. Department of Education announced on Wednesday that it would renew its flagging efforts to devise stricter standards for career-focused higher-education programs. Read more... Virtual Issue on Electoral Geography - For a limited time, the AJPS and Wiley will make available free a virtual issue comprised of recent articles on redistricting, electoral geography, and political geography. Read more… White House Delivers New Open-Access Policy that Has Activists Cheering - The Obama administration says federally financed research should be made freely available within 12 months of publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Read more…Tweet with the AJPS - The American Journal of Political Science has joined the Twitter age. Join the editor at @AJPS_Editor for up-to-date information on new articles accepted at AJPS and trends in the discipline. Free Virtual Collection on U.S. Presidential Election - Get free access to articles from top Wiley journals, including AJPS, organized by campaign issue and chosen for their readability. Read more…

New Women’s Mentoring Program

The MPSA Women’s Caucus announces a new faculty mentoring program for 2013. Read more…

Minority Student Recruitment Program (MSRP)

The nation's top graduate political science programs participate in this program to recruit students from underrepresented groups. Read more...