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Multiple Membership Options Exist for Political Science Professionals

Print Membership (12-months): If it’s important to you to have print copies of the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS), please be certain that you select the twelve-month print membership option. With this option, you will receive four issues of the AJPS over the course of your 12-month membership in addition to online access to current and past issues for the duration of your membership. An additional shipping fee ($20USD) is charged to print members living outside of the continental U.S. 

Digital (24-months at the 12-month rate): If you don’t require print copies of the journal, a twenty-four month digital membership is a great deal. This entirely online option provides members with twenty-four months of online access to current and past issues of the AJPS, for the same price as a one-year print membership, with no additional fees for members outside of the U.S.

To ensure access to membership for persons from all income levels and career-stages, member dues are charged on an income-based sliding scale.  Accurate representation of your income level reflects your commitment to your colleagues and the discipline.  We ask that all professional members, including new and reinstating members, determine their dues rate according to the following schedule:

 Annual income $200,000 and above        
 Annual income $135,000 - 199,999
 Annual income $100,000 - 134,999 $128
 Annual income $80,000 - 99,999
 Annual income $60,000 - 79,999 $110 
 Annual income $50,000 - 59,000 $101 
 Annual income $40,001 - 49,999 $92 
 Annual income up to $40,000 $82 

Lifetime Membership is available to all individuals within the discipline who wish to support the association while making the career investment to ensure continual MPSA membership without interruption. Lifetime Members pay no further dues to the association and are recognized each year at the annual conference.

 Lifetime Membership                               $2,005 

Student Membership is available to current graduate students. Students receive all of the benefits of professional membership at a reduced rate. Proof of current status may be requested. 

 Student Membership                                   $60 

Retiree Membership is available to retired professionals. Retirees also receive all of the benefits of professional membership at a reduced rate. 

 Retiree Membership                                   $60 

Important Notes: Members with shipping addresses outside the United States or its territories are automatically charged a $20 foreign postage fee for their AJPS print subscription.  Please note that membership payments are not refundable. The MPSA does not accept purchase orders, wire transfers, or bank transfers as payment.