MPSA Committees

The President appoints members to ad hoc committees, such as selection committees for a new publisher, editor, or executive director, and other committees that may be needed to assist with specific issues.

The President-Elect appoints members to the following committees:

Awards Committees

There are three members on each committee, and the appointments are made by February. Committee members appointed in a given year make their selections in the autumn and winter of that year, and the chair of each committee presents the award the following year during the Business Meeting at the Annual Conference. (The appointments for the Herb Simon Award Committee are made after receiving suggestions from the President of the Midwest Public Administration Caucus.)

2019 Awards Committees
The following committees have been charged with selecting recipients of awards for outstanding papers delivered at the previous year's MPSA conference. Winners will be announced at the 2019 conference.

Best Paper by an Emerging Scholar
A $250 award for the best paper, regardless of field or topic, by a scholar or scholars who has or have received the terminal degree(s) within six years of the year in which the paper was presented.
Award Committee: 
David Leal, The University of Texas at Austin (chair); Natasha Altema McNeely, The University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley; Jennifer Eileen Byrne, James Madison University

Best Paper in International Relations
A $250 award for the best paper on the topic of international relations.
Award Committee: 
Christopher Francis Gelpi, Ohio State University-Main Campus (chair); Sarah Brooks, Ohio State University-Main Campus; Michael Colaresi, University of Pittsburgh

Best Undergraduate Poster Award
A $250 award for the best paper presented in a poster format by an undergraduate.
Award Committee: 
Mary P McGuire, SUNY College at Cortland (chair); Kristin Garrett, Wheaton College; Eric Juenke, Michigan State University

Kellogg/Notre Dame Award 
A $250 award for the best paper in comparative politics.
Award Committee: Jae-Jae Spoon, University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (chair); Emily Beaulieu, University of Kentucky; Pablo Martin Pinto, University of Houston

Kenneth J. Meier Award
A $250 award for the best paper in bureaucratic politics, public administration, or public policy.
Award Committee: 
David Nixon, University of Hawaii at Manoa (chair); Jiaqi Liang, University of Illinois at Chicago; Amanda Rutherford, Indiana University-Bloomington

Lucius Barker Award
A $250 award for the best paper on a topic investigating race or ethnicity and politics and honoring the spirit and work of Professor Barker. 
Award Committee: Ismail K. White, George Washington University (chair); Michael W. Combs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Andra Gillespie, Emory University; Linda Trautman, Ohio University-Lancaster Campus

Patrick J. Fett Award
A $250 award for the best paper on the scientific study of Congress and the presidency. 
Award Committee: Brandice Canes-Wrone, Princeton University (chair); Laurel Harbridge Yong, Northwestern University; George A. Krause, University of Georgia

Pi Sigma Alpha Award 
A $250 award for the best paper presented at the MPSA Annual National Conference. Sponsored by Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society. 
Award Committee: Christina Wolbrecht, University of Notre Dame (chair); Hans Noel, Georgetown University; Maggie Penn, Emory University

Review of Politics Award
A $250 award for the best paper in normative political theory.
Award Committee: 
Heather McDougall, Leadership exCHANGE (chair); Ruth Abbey, University of Notre Dame; Jennet Kirkpatrick, Arizona State University

Robert H. Durr Award 
A $250 award for the best paper applying quantitative methods to a substantive problem. 
Award Committee: Iris Hui, Stanford (chair); Daniel Hidalgo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ines Levin, University of California, Irvine 

Sophonisba Breckinridge Award
A $250 award for the best paper on the topic of women and politics.
Award Committee: Eileen L. McDonagh, Northeastern University (chair); Christopher Karpowitz, Brigham Young University-Provo; Olena Nikolayenko, Fordham University

Best Paper by a Graduate Student
A $250 award  for best paper by delivered by a graduate student. 
Award Committee: Mary Keys, University of Notre Dame (chair); Kelly Rader, Yale University; D. Stephen Voss, University of Kentucky

AJPS Award - Best Paper 
A $1,000 award for the best article appearing in the volume of the American Journal of Political Science published in the year preceding the conference. 
Award Committee: William Bernhard, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (chair); Melissa Michelson, Menlo College; Burt Monroe, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Best Paper in American Politics
A $250 award for the best paper in American politics. 
Award committee: Kira Sanbonmatsu, Rutgers University-New Brunswick (chair); Melinda Gann Hall, Michigan State University; Bradford Jones, University of Califorina-Davis

Best Paper in Political Behavior
A $250 award for the best paper in political behavior. 
Award committee: 
Kyle Saunders, Colorado State University-Fort Collins (chair); Ignacio Jurado, University of York; Candis Watts Smith, UNC

Evan Ringquist Award
A $250 award for the best paper in political institutions. 
Award committee: Scott Adler, University of Colorado Boulder (chair); Christian Grose, University of Southern California; Yushim Kim, Arizona State University

Graduate Student Travel Scholarships Committee

The members of this committee select recipients of the competitively awarded travel scholarships to attend the MPSA Annual Conference.

Graduate Student Travel Scholarship Committee The Harrell Rodgers Scholarship and the John Bohte Scholarship each provide $500 for doctoral students to attend the MPSA Annual Conference.
Award Committee: David Darmofal, University of South Carolina-Columbia (chair); Mark S Jendrysik, University of North Dakota; Tehama Lopez Bunyasi, George Mason University; Debra Lynn Leiter, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Kimberly Twist, San Diego State University

Investment Committee

This standing committee is chaired by the Treasurer, and includes the three Vice Presidents and the Executive Director. The committee reviews the investments and can recommend changes in the investment policy. 

Nominations Committee

Nominations for officers are solicited from the membership, and the nominations committee selects a slate of officers, including:

  • President-Elect (who will serve as President and then as Immediate Past President)
  • Five Councilors, serving three-year terms
  • One Vice President, serving a two-year term
  • Any other vacancies on the Council; these Councilors will serve the remainder of the term

The election of officers occurs during the Business Meeting at the Annual Conference. The Executive Director, Treasurer, Program Chairperson(s), and Editor(s) are appointed officers.

The 2019 Nominations Committee: 
Yanna Krupnikov, Stony Brook University (chair);
Gretchen Casper, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus;
Jennifer Jerit, Stony Brook University;
Bryan Jones, The University of Texas at Austin;
David Lake, UCSD

Publication Ethics Committee

The MPSA’s Publishing Ethics Committee is responsible for supporting the editorial office in the implementation of the editorial Conflicts of Interest policy

The Publishing Ethics Committee comprised of Sarah Binder of George Washington University (chair), Ray Duch of Oxford University and Laurel Weldon of Purdue University may be contacted by email at PEC@mpsanet.org.

Conference Program Committee

The Program Chair(s) appoint the members of the conference program committee no later than February of the year prior to the conference for which they are responsible. Each committee member serves as chair of a section (a subfield or a slice of a subfield) and is responsible for accepting or rejecting proposals submitted to their section. In addition, committee members/section chairs organize accepted papers into panels and identify chairs and discussants for each panel. Committee members meet in September at the American Political Science Association conference, about six months prior to their MPSA conference, where they receive a program manual with detailed instructions. 

2019 Conference Program Committee