MPSA Procedures for Advocacy and Policy Statements

The Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) has occasionally sent advocacy and policy statements and letters in order to bring the full weight of the organization and its leadership to bear on an important issue. The MPSA is nonpartisan, and recognizes that members have a wide range of opinions on specific topics, so statements issued in the MPSA's name should represent as broad a consensus of MPSA members, be based on research where applicable, and do not unnecessarily jeopardize the MPSA.  


The MPSA has adopted the following procedure for considering requests by MPSA members and to issue letters and advocacy and policy statements in the name of the MPSA. In general, a minimum of two weeks lead time is necessary for review to review advocacy letters and policy statements.

The MPSA is nonpartisan, and does not take positions on strictly partisan issues. The MPSA also does not take positions on individual Promotion and Tenure cases. The MPSA has taken positions that relate to the importance of a safe work environment of members, academic freedom, the importance of scientific research, etc.

Correspondence should be emailed to the MPSA Executive Director and the President of the MPSA and this contain:


1. Cover letter containing:

a. Summary of the issue;
b. Brief history, if any, of relevant MPSA positions, advocacy or statements, as well as those of other social science associations or relevant organizations if known;
c. List of other groups supporting the effort or cause with contact information;
d. Contact information for person or committee submitting the request; 
e. Response deadline and reason why response is needed by then;  
f. Follow-up plans or description of next steps, where appropriate;  
g.Brief appendices, where appropriate, including reference documents, etc. 

2. Draft Policy Statement/Letter. This should be no more than three paragraphs in length and it needs to state exactly what the submitter wants the MPSA to support or oppose. t is likely that the MPSA will revise this so it confirms with previous statements.

These requests will either be reviewed by the entire MPSA Council (if timing permits) or by a committee comprised of the President, President-elect, Immediate Past President and Executive Director with MPSA officers and legal counsel consulted as needed.   If a revised policy statement/letter is approved, it will be published on the MPSA website, or forwarded to the relevant addresses. In most cases, advocacy and policy statements will be given expedited review and a determination reached within two weeks of their submission. The request should be emailed to: morgan@mpsanet.org

Adopted March 1, 2017