Standing ePanel Guidelines

Download a pdf of this slide deck.

About the eStanding Panel Format

Up to eight papers are included in a standing panel session, which also includes a Chair and two discussants. The chair introduces the panel, each author, and the discussant(s), manages the time for each presentation, and ensures that the discussion is polite and productive. The author presents an abbreviated version of his or her paper allowing adequate time for discussant feedback after all papers have been presented. The conference program will list the exact time for each paper to be presented, the times for discussants to speak, and time for questions from the audience. Standing ePanel sessions are held in the exhibit hall with research presented in a PowerPoint format on large shared monitors.  

  • If you are presenting a paper on a Standig ePanel, please prepare the following to upload to the MPSA website: (1) Research Paper (.pdf, .doc, .docx); (2) PowerPoint file to be used during presentation (.ppt or .pptx). MPSA will email upload instructions to conference participants when the system is available in mid-March. 

Additional Presentation Design Tips

Download a .pdf of these tips.

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Limit bullet points & text
  3. Limit transitions & builds (animation)
  4. Use high-quality graphics
  5. Do not link to any resources that require an internet connection as wireless service is not guaranteed
  6. Have a visual theme
  7. Use appropriate charts
  8. Use color well (a dark font on a light background is easy to read from a distance)
  9. Practice your timing so you stay within your time limit
  10. Limit your PowerPoint to 10 slides or fewer