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MPSA is an international academic association with members in the United States as well as over 100 other countries. Founded in 1939, MPSA is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in all areas of political science. We publish the American Journal of Political Sciencein 1939, MPSA publishes one of the top-ranked journals in the discipline, and our annual conference is one of the largest political science conference in the country with approximately 1,200 sessions and more than 5,500 papers presented.

One of the largest political science conferences in the country, the MPSA Annual Conference hosts more than 4,500 attendees from 60+ countries across more than 90 political interest areas. The conference brings together scholars, researchers and decision makers in the  political science community to exchange information and address the latest scholarship in political science.

Attendees across the spectrum from undergraduate and graduate students to early-career and established professionals, researchers, and practitioners meet in Chicago to spend four days sharing research, networking, and establishing meaningful connections to the broader political science community.

Please contact MPSA's Conference Department at (812) 558-0588 x 2 or conf (at) mpsanet (dot) org for additional information.

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