MPSA Governance

Duties of Officers

Officers of the Association

The MPSA Council includes the following officers:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Immediate Past President
  • Vice Presidents (two serving staggered, two-year terms)
  • Treasurer (serving two-year terms)
  • Councilors (15 serving staggered, three-year terms)
  • Editor(s) of the American Journal of Political Science (serving three- or four-year terms)
  • Chairperson(s) of the Program Committee (serving one-year terms)
  • Executive Director

Duties of Officers

President. The president serves a one-year term. S/he chairs all MPSA Council meetings and appoints ad hoc committee members as needed.
President-Elect. The president-elect serves a one-year term before assuming the presidency. S/he nominates all the members of the standing committees by February.
Immediate Past President. The immediate past president serves a one-year term following their term as president. S/he or is a voting member of the MPSA Council.
Editor(s). This appointed position serves from three to four years. The editor(s) appoints the AJPS Editorial Board, which is approved by the MPSA Council. The editor(s) oversees the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS).
Vice Presidents. The two vice presidents are voting members of the MPSA Council, and they also serve on the Investment Committee. The senior vice president chairs MPSA Council meetings if the president is unable to do so.

  • Richard Farkas, DePaul University, 1981-1990 
  • John P. Pelissero, Loyola University Chicago, 1990-2000