Highlighted Conference Presentations

Video Recordings of Select Conference Presentations

Video of select MPSA conference presentations is now available on the MPSA YouTube channel.


MPSA Select Conference Presentations (2016 on left, 2015 at right)

MPSA Empire Lecture Series Videos  (2016, 2015, 2014)

Audio Recordings of Select Presentations

MPSA Members can listen to and download audio recordings of selected roundtables presented at the MPSA Annual Conferences. Here is a sample recording from the 2018 MPSA Annual Conference offered free to the public at the permission of the participants. Click play below to enjoy a sample of the recordings available to MPSA members.

MPSA Members: Sign in to Access the Podcasts

As a member of MPSA, you can access select audio recordings from MPSA conferences on SoundCloud. The recordings below are shared with the permission of the speakers to benefit your professional development.