Presenting at the virtual conference

Researchers are asked to upload a photo, speaker biography (500 characters or less), their PowerPoint, prerecorded presentation, and research paper in advance of the conference.

Please note, our virtual conference software does not accept Prezi presentation uploads. 

The difference between a video presentation and a Slidecast presentation is that a Slidcast presentation includes a PowerPoint presentation with speaker video and/or voice-over, while a prerecorded video only features the presenter on camera with no PowerPoint featured on the screen. Please see more details below for more information on these types of prerecorded presentations.

Pre-recorded presentations are not required; however, presenters are strongly encouraged to prerecord their presentations via a Slidecast or video presentation and upload it for the conference.

Reasons to create and upload a Slidecast presentation

  • If you have concerns about an unstable internet connection at the time of the conference.
  • To ensure you stay within your time limit. View time limit information here.
  • To ease pressure or nerves from a live presentation.
  • If you are presenting internationally or have any of the above concerns.

Requirements of Prerecorded Presentations

Regardless of the type of prerecorded presentation you choose to upload (video or Slidecast), please note the following requirements for uploading a prerecorded presentation to the conference platform:

  • Prerecorded presentations are limited to a total of 8 minutes in length.
  • Prerecorded presentations must be saved as an M-PEG-4 Video (.mp4).
  • Prerecorded presentations must be your original content and a non-licensed recording.

Types of Prerecorded Presentations

Prerecorded Slidecast Presentations

Slidecast presentations feature a presenter narrating a PowerPoint presentation through video or voice-over. If you are not planning to use a PowerPoint in your presentation, please see the section below with more information on prerecorded video presentations.

A reference guide with more information on how to create a recorded Slidecast presentation can be downloaded here.

View the SlideCast video tutorial below:

Prerecorded Video Presentations

You are not required to have a Slidecast presentation that features a PowerPoint. If you are not planning to use a PowerPoint presentation for your session, you may elect to prerecord yourself presenting on camera with no PowerPoint featured on the screen. Video-capable conference call systems (like Zoom or RingCentral) can allow you to self-record your presentation and then export and save as an M-PEG-4 Video (.mp4). As an option, Information on creating a free Zoom account can be found here: