MPSA is committed to making our annual conference accessible to the widest range of people possible, where barriers of any type do not exclude people from attending or participating. MPSA will make arrangements for sign-language interpreters, CART equipment, and sighted guides for registered members during their presentations. You may call MPSA at (812) 558-0588, Ext. 1 to speak with the conference team or email us at

Please make these arrangements four weeks prior to the conference. Be sure to outline the specific type of assistance required. Attendees who do not make arrangements for services or equipment can inquire at the MPSA Conference Registration Counters onsite. Every reasonable effort will be made to assist attendees onsite however, MPSA may not be able to provide all services or equipment due to availability or the time required to obtain them.

All presentations and sessions should be designed and conducted with the full participation of all in mind. Please pay special attention to members of the audience with disabilities. Be aware that registrants with disabilities are to be given priority seating. Every session room will be set to accommodate wheelchair users access.

Hearing Impairments: Participants can request a sign language interpreter or CART equipment for the MPSA Conference. Please contact us no later than four weeks prior to the first day of the conference. The MPSA will cover the expense of your presentation session(s). Additionally, MPSA will also have a few personal audio amplifiers available at the Conference Registration Counters on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be returned to the Conference Registration Counters at the end of each day.

Visual Impairments: Should you require assistance to navigate the MPSA, you may register your aide as a complimentary guest. Please contact a conference team member to register your personal aide. If you need MPSA to arrange for an aide to help you navigate the meeting, please make your requests no later than four weeks prior to the first day of the conference. MPSA has magnifying sheets available at the Conference Information Desk for those that require larger print.

Mobility Constraints: Due to the size of the MPSA Conference, sessions are spread out and distances between sessions can be considerable. If you are a regular wheelchair user you should bring your chair with you. If you wish to rent a wheelchair or scooter the MPSA staff will be happy to assist you in locating a local dealer.

Accessible Transportation: When applicable, shuttle service will be available between the conference headquarters and hotels. Registrants with mobility issues who are unable to utilize the MPSA shuttle buses between the two conference hotels may utilize cab service. MPSA will reimburse for taxi fares between the two properties.

Accessible Housing: All ADA-designated hotel rooms in the official MPSA hotel block will be specifically set aside for individuals requesting them. Beginning with the 2019 Conference, MPSA will conduct a detailed accessibility survey of all official MPSA room block hotels. These surveys, completed by the hotels, provide information about accessible entrances, parking and drop-off areas, and information regarding accessible public areas, guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotel amenities, and assistive devices. Use this information to select the hotel that best meets your needs. Make hotel reservations as early as possible, as there are a limited number of accessible rooms available at each property.

Area of Rescue: An area of Rescue Assistance will be established and clearly marked with signage on all meeting floors. In the event of an evacuation during meeting hours, the facility staff will check these areas for attendees who require assistance.

Food Allergies: All MPSA hosted events will have food labeled by the facility, so that attendees may avoid allergens.

All Gender Restrooms: A gender-neutral restroom is located on the 3rd floor near the Ashland Room. The restroom facilities are available for use by all persons, regardless of their gender identity. The facilities will be marked on the door. Please help make these facilities and this meeting an inclusive space by respecting the rights of all genders.

Lactation Room: MPSA has designated a room for attendees with lactation needs. Please see the Conference Registration Counters for access.

Chemical Sensitivity: The MPSA is a smoke-free conference. Smoking is not permitted in any meeting or session rooms, business, or networking event. This policy also applies to those using e-cigarettes.

In addition, MPSA encourages its meeting attendees to refrain from using perfume, cologne, aftershave, and other fragranced personal care products for the health and safety of our attendees.

Chronic Pain: MPSA attendees with disabilities (including chronic pain) often have difficulty in crowded locations with unintended pushing or taps that have caused pain or loss of balance. Please be aware of this and be considerate of all attendees while at the conference.

Information for Presenters:

Reaching Participants with Vision Impairments:

  • Briefly describe your PowerPoint slides.
  • Avoid pointing to something on the slide and using words like “this, that, those, or these”, unless you indicate what “this” means.

Reaching Participants with Hearing Impairments:

  • Speak audibly and clearly at a moderate pace. This practice promotes understanding in the audience and allows sign language interpreters time to translate what you are saying.
  • Look at your audience rather than your screen or your paper. Keep your hands away from your mouth so that people who speech read can understand you.
  • Ensure that only one person speaks at a time by asking members of the group to wait until they are acknowledged before commenting or asking questions.
  • Before you begin speaking, make sure that the sign language interpreters have a copy of your presentation.
  • Do not walk in front of interpreters while they are signing.
  • When you address a person using an interpreter, speak directly to the person, not the interpreter.

Should a Problem Arise While You are at the MPSA Conference: If you have any problem or negative experience related to accessibility, including issues with housing, meeting session, or any other accessibility-related issue, please report the issue to the MPSA staff at registration, email the MPSA Conference Director at, or complete the forthcoming online comment form.

An MPSA team member will record the concern and will be your advocate in working to resolve the issues whenever possible. By informing us of any concerns that arise, we can work towards making the MPSA Conference more accessible to all.