79th Annual Midwest Political Science Conference
Thursday, April 7 through Sunday, April 10, 2022
Hybrid Format: Attend In-Person or Virtually

Call for Proposals for the 79th Annual MPSA Conference

The Conference Program Chairs and Section Heads invite you to submit proposals that reflect the best thinking in the discipline, informed by theory, research, and practical application for the 79th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference, April 7-10, 2022. The conference will feature a hybrid format which will provide the flexibility for attendees to participate either in-person at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL or online in a virtual format.

Submit your research proposal to the following sections by the deadline date of December 8, 2021:

  • Sect. 76 – Theory & Institutions: Lightning, ePanels & Panels
  • Sect. 77 – Policy & Administration: Lightning, ePanels & Panels
  • Sect. 78 – Behavior & Methods: Lightning, ePanels & Panels
  • Sect. 79 – American & Other Politics: Lightning, ePanels & Panels
  • Sect. 80 – International Relations: Lightning, ePanels & Panels
  • Sect. 81 – Comparative Politics: Lightning, ePanels & Panels
  • Sect. 82 – Undergrad: Institutions and Theory
  • Sect. 83 – Undergrad: Policy and Administration
  • Sect. 84 – Undergrad: Behavior and Methods
  • Sect. 85 – Undergrad: American Politics
  • Sect. 86 – Undergrad: International Relations
  • Sect. 87 – Undergrad: Comparative Politics
  • Sect. 98 – Working Groups

Learn more about Section Descriptions and Contacts here

Learn more about Session Times, Formats and Role Descriptions here.

How to Submit a Proposal

Please note the submission guidelines before you submit your proposal.

Proposals must be submitted electronically and you must be logged into your MPSA account to access the proposal submission system. If you do not have an account, or are unsure, please click here. If you need to reset your password, please click here.

After logging into your account, and in order to submit a proposal, you must complete your account profile. If you have not already completed your profile, a ‘Complete My Profile’ button will appear on the screen and you will be directed to a page to do so before you are able to access the proposal system. If you have already completed your profile a ‘Submit a Proposal’ button will be visible and you will be able to access the submission portal.

NOTE: Every user must submit their own proposal using their own account. If you are a faculty advisor, please do not submit a proposal for one of your students when you are logged in with your personal account.

Confirm or Decline Your Conference Participation

Was your proposal accepted for the conference? Please login and to confirm or deny your participation here.

Request a Letter of Invitation for the Conference

If you need a letter of invitation for the conference, please submit that request here, and a letter will be emailed to you directly.

Opportunities to Get Involved at the Conference

Offer to Serve as a Discussant
Please consider volunteering your expertise to demonstrate your support of your colleagues in the discipline. Professional-level members and submitters may volunteer to be a discussant via the MPSA proposal system. To volunteer, sign in with your MPSA username and password in the proposal system. After logging in, click ‘Volunteer to be a Discussant or Session Host’.

A complimentary registration will be available for those who are attending the hybrid conference online (not in-person) and are only participating as a discussant (not otherwise on the program). We appreciate your consideration!

Connect with Colleagues: Offer to Participate on a Professional Development Roundtable
Faculty are encouraged to offer to serve on roundtables in areas of professional development topics that focus on the career stages of individuals (student, job placement, early career and mid career) as well as topics that would be of interest to most including publishing, research, and teaching. View the listing of open roundtables and offer to serve here:

Professional Development Roundtables are a staple of the MPSA Annual Conference. We hope you will participate in this annual tradition of valuable collaboration, professional development and networking.

Plan a Working Group/Conference-Within-A-Conference for 2022
There is still time to submit a working group proposal (Section 98 – Working Groups)! Working group/Conference-Within-A-Conference participants commit to attend a small group of related or organized sessions. A volunteer coordinator for each working group proposes a theme, selects and/or organizes sessions for the group to attend, promotes the working group, and facilitates communication among participants. A working group consists of up to 15 participants. A working group may meet before and after a session(s) or during lunch for additional discussion and interaction. MPSA staff takes care of scheduling logistics and maintaining rosters. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals and cohorts to host focused discussion around a specific theme or specialization without the hassle of logistics! Sign up here, submit through the proposal submission form, or contact MPSA Professional Development Manager Lewis Hoss, Ph.D. at to learn more.

Schedule a Meeting or Reception
Does your group need to arrange for a meeting, reception, or catered meal in conjunction with the 2022 conference? Complimentary meeting and reception space is available to our professional colleagues on a first-come, first-served basis. Meeting rooms will be assigned on or before March 1, 2022. Sign up here or contact MPSA’s Conference Department at (812) 558-0588 x 1 or for additional information.

Host a Dine Around
Dine Arounds are part of the conference program that allows conference colleagues to gather for dinner to discuss professional topics in a small, intimate dining setting. The dinners can range in size from groups of 6-20. There is a dine around coordinator who hosts a particular topic of interest at a pre-determined local restaurant. If you are interested in hosting a dine around at the annual conference, sign up here or contact MPSA’s Conference Department at (812) 558-0588 x 1 or for additional information.

Learn More About MPSA Volunteer Opportunities
MPSA offers many opportunities to volunteer! Join a committee, volunteer to be a mentor, offer to participate on a professional development roundtable, and more! Learn more and sign up here.

About the Conference

The MPSA Annual Conference historically hosts more than 5,000 attendees from 60+ countries across more than 90 political interest areas. The conference brings together scholars, researchers and decision makers in the political science community to exchange information and address the latest scholarship in political science.

The conference has the international and multidisciplinary research collaboration opportunities you seek and the networking opportunities and professional development sessions tailored to help you take the next step with your research.

Hybrid Session Format: Real Time Sessions and Presenter Flexibility
In-Person Participation
We are looking forward to being in-person next spring at the conference. The MPSA is optimistic that a safe in-person reunion of the political science community will occur in Chicago. For those participating in-person, hotel rooms will be available at various price points at the Palmer House and at multiple nearby hotels. With two international airports (ORD and MDW) and a major Amtrak station, travel to Chicago is easy from almost any location.

Online Participation
Building on the success of our 2021 virtual conference last spring which hosted over 4,000 attendees, there will also be a virtual option for those that are unable to travel or wish to participate from wherever their location might be in the world.

All conference events, including research panels, networking and mentoring receptions, will be held in-person at the historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel. This year with a hybrid format, in order to minimize any changes to the program, those who elect to attend virtually will be able to participate in any session in real time.

If you register for in-person attendance and are unable to travel, you can change your registration status; and the only thing that will change about your session is the location in which you present.

About the MPSA

The Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) was founded in 1939 and is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in all areas of political science. Home of the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS), one of the top-ranked academic journals in the discipline, the purposes of the MPSA are to promote the professional study and teaching of political science, to facilitate communications between those engaged in such study, and to develop standards for and encourage research in theoretical and practical political problems.

As such, MPSA is a nonpartisan association. It does not support political parties or candidates.


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Future MPSA Conference Dates

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