Meetings, Receptions, and Events

Plan a Working Group/Conference-Within-A-Conference for 2022

There is still time to submit a working group proposal (Section 98 – Working Groups)! Working group/Conference-Within-A-Conference participants commit to attend a small group of related or organized sessions. A volunteer coordinator for each working group proposes a theme, selects and/or organizes sessions for the group to attend, promotes the working group, and facilitates communication among participants. A working group consists of up to 15 participants. A working group may meet before and after a session(s) or during lunch for additional discussion and interaction. MPSA staff takes care of scheduling logistics and maintaining rosters. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals and cohorts to host focused discussion around a specific theme or specialization without the hassle of logistics! Sign up here, submit through the proposal submission form, or contact MPSA Professional Development Manager Lewis Hoss, Ph.D. at to learn more.

Schedule a Meeting or Reception

Does your group need to arrange for a meeting, reception, or catered meal in conjunction with the 2022 conference? Complimentary meeting and reception space is available to our professional colleagues on a first-come, first-served basis. Meeting rooms will be assigned on or before March 1, 2022. Sign up here or contact MPSA’s Conference Department at (812) 558-0588 x 1 or for additional information.

Host a Dine Around

Dine Arounds are part of the conference program that allows conference colleagues to gather for dinner to discuss professional topics in a small, intimate dining setting. The dinners can range in size from groups of 6-20. There is a dine around coordinator who hosts a particular topic of interest at a pre-determined local restaurant. If you are interested in hosting a dine around at the annual conference, sign up here or contact MPSA’s Conference Department at (812) 558-0588 x 1 or for additional information.