79th Annual Midwest Political Science Conference
Thursday, April 7 through Sunday, April 10, 2022
Hybrid Format: Attend In-Person or Virtually

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Working Group/Conference-Within-A-Conference

Working Group/Conference-Within-A-Conference participants commit to attend a small group of related or organized sessions. A volunteer coordinator for each working group proposes a theme, selects and/or organizes sessions for the group to attend, promotes the working group, and facilitates communication among participants. A working group consists of up to 15 participants. A working group may meet before and after a session(s) or during lunch for additional discussion and interaction. MPSA staff takes care of scheduling logistics and maintaining rosters. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals and cohorts to host focused discussion around a specific theme or specialization without the hassle of logistics! The deadline to submit a Working Group for the 2022 MPSA Annual Conference has passed. Please contact MPSA Professional Development Manager Lewis Hoss at hoss@mpsanet.org to learn more about working groups.

2022 Working Groups:

Politics and the Life Sciences Mini-Conference
The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences will be held at the MPSA conference.

Individual paper presentation, panel, and roundtable proposals are welcome on any topic that pertains to the following broad categories: new directions in politics and the life sciences, biopolitics, life science policies (e.g., health policy, genetically modified foods, stem cell research), neurobiology and politics, bioethics, bioterrorism, environmental policy and communication (e.g., media coverage and public opinion about climate change), genetics and politics, biotechnology, and other biopolitical topics. Multiple types of presentation are welcome, including original research, updates on existing research, research designs, and replication studies.

TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS: The deadline for submission of proposals is Friday, February 25, 2022. Papers submitted early will receive early notice of acceptance.

For paper presentations, please send in the body of an email to Patrick A. Stewart (pastewar@uark.edu) an abstract not to exceed 200 words that includes: the title of your presentation, your name and title, and your institutional affiliation.

Convenor: Dr. Patrick A. Stewart, University of Arkansas


China’s Reforms: Policy Analysis and Policy Processes
This workshop welcomes papers on policy, administrative, and regulatory reforms in China, the issues and debates related to these reforms, and processes leading to these reforms. Papers in all policy domains including education, ageing, property market regulation, poverty alleviation, integrated media, digital governance, anti-corruption, and circular economy are relevant. Papers may broadly address one or more of the following questions:

  1. What are the similarities and differences in the reform content, policy solutions, policy processes, or contention in debates of the cases in China and outside of China?
  2. What do the cases contribute to understanding China’s reform intention, social transformation, policy processes, and outcomes?
  3. How is the tension between policy science by elites and democratic participation (e.g., public opinion) addressed in the cases of reform in China?
  4. What are the relations of reforms, policy debates, and policy processes to socialist democracy and good governance in China?

Paper proposals should be submitted via email to Wei Li (liwei@cuhk.edu.hk).

Convenor: Dr. Wei Li, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Cultural Theory Working Group
The Cultural Theory Working Group is an international gathering of scholars who use the political cultural theory developed by Mary Douglas, Aaron Wildavsky, and others to advance subfield understandings and explanations in political science.

Convenor: Dr. Brendon Swedlow, Northern Illinois University


The Politics of Identity Across the Subfields
The Politics of Identity Across the Subfields is a conference-within-a-conference that began at the 2018 annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association. Our goal is to bring scholars of identity from across the subfields of political science – American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory – into conversation with one another. In 2022 there will be four panels, focusing on multiple identities, measurement, representation, and identity construction.

Convenor: Dr. Cara J. Wong, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Eurasian Political Economy Workshop
This is the third annual MPSA workshop on Eurasian political economy. The goal of the event is to bring together scholars with a focus on political economy (broadly understood) in the former Soviet Union and neighboring states. In addition to papers on domestic politics and economics in Eurasia and Eastern Europe, we also welcome research on international relations and foreign policy topics related to the region. This year’s workshop features the newest comparative studies on state response to COVID-19, propaganda, historical political economy, and authoritarian institutions.

Convenor: Dr. Guzel Garifullina, University of Rochester