Volunteer Opportunities at MPSA

MPSA has several volunteer opportunities available throughout the calendar year. These opportunities include serving as a committee member on a paper, subfield, flagship, and career stage awards committees. There are also opportunities to serve on administrative committees, working group committees, along with mentoring roles, session chairs, discussants, and section heads. Learn more about MPSA committees here.

Committee Volunteer Opportunities

Best Paper Awards Committees

The MPSA Best Paper Awards Committee determines awards for best paper, subfield awards, and career stage awards. The MPSA Awards committee members are responsible for accepting nominations and making selections for award recipients. Please select the award committee on which you would like to serve. We will contact people as appointments are made. Sign up here.

Administrative & Planning Committees

The MPSA Administrative Committees are responsible for a variety of administrative tasks leading up to the Annual Conference. Some of these committees include the student travel awards committee, the committee on professional ethics, the mentoring committees, and the public engagement. Please select the administrative committee on which you would like to serve. We will contact people as appointments are made. Sign up here.

Conference Volunteer Opportunities

Section Head, Chair, and Discussant Volunteers

We have several traditional sections as well as most subfield and undergraduate sections where it can be difficult to locate a section head. Subfield and Undergraduate section heads organize Lightning Talks, Posters, and Standing e-Panels. If you are interested in serving, please select up to two sections in each group where you have the expertise to serve. We will contact people as appointments are made. Sign up here.

In addition, professional-level participants may volunteer to serve as chairs and discussants. Please consider volunteering your expertise to demonstrate your support of your colleagues in the discipline. Professional-level members and submitters may volunteer to be a discussant via the MPSA proposal system. To volunteer, sign in with your MPSA username and password in the proposal system. After logging in, click ‘Volunteer to be a Discussant or Session Host’ or complete this form.

Professional Development Roundtable Participant Volunteers

Faculty are encouraged to offer to serve on roundtables in areas of professional development topics that focus on the career stages of individuals (student, job placement, early career and mid career) as well as topics that would be of interest to most including publishing, research, and teaching. View the listing of open roundtables and offer to serve here.

Professional Development Roundtables are a staple of the MPSA Annual Conference. We hope you will participate in this annual tradition of valuable collaboration, professional development and networking.

Mentoring & Social Volunteer Opportunities

Annual Conference Mentoring Reception Volunteer

MPSA invites you to volunteer for the Mentoring Reception at the Annual Conference. Each mentor will connect with groups of no more than four attendees to discuss current research and professional aspirations. Contact information and questions will be shared between the mentor and mentees in your small groups. Please confirm your conference schedule prior to RSVPing for this mentoring reception.

The mentoring reception is held on Friday at the MPSA Conference in April. We assign each mentor to a specific table where (s)he can talk with a small group of graduate students. Learn more about the Mentoring Reception and how to sign up here.

Academic Year Mentoring Program Volunteer

MPSA invites faculty members to serve as volunteer during the Academic Year. Training will be made available prior to the program’s launch to help you with a successful start to your mentoring relationship. If selected for this program, mentees will work remotely (phone calls or via Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts, etc.) with faculty in a structured format over the academic year. Total commitment is approximately 10 total hours. MPSA will match mentors and mentees. Learn more about MPSA mentoring programs here. Please note that this program is 100% outside of the annual conference programming and conference participation is not required to participate in the Academic Year Mentoring Program.

Working Group/Conference-Within-A-Conference Volunteer

A volunteer coordinator for each working group proposes a theme, selects and/or organizes sessions for the group to attend, promotes the working group, and facilitates communication among participants. A working group consists of up to 15 participants. A working group may meet before and after a session(s) or during lunch for additional discussion and interaction. MPSA staff takes care of scheduling logistics and maintaining rosters. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals and cohorts to host focused discussion around a specific theme or specialization without the hassle of logistics! Learn more here or contact MPSA Professional Development Manager Lewis Hoss, Ph.D. at hoss@mpsanet.org with any questions.

Dine Around Volunteer

Dine Arounds are part of the conference program that allows conference colleagues to gather for dinner to discuss professional topics in a small, intimate dining setting. The dinners can range in size from groups of 6-20. There is a dine around coordinator who hosts a particular topic of interest at a pre-determined local restaurant. If you are interested in hosting a dine around at the annual conference, sign up here.