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Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA)

MPSA is proud to be a governing member of the Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA).

The Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA) is an advocacy organization that promotes attention to and Federal funding for the social and behavioral sciences. It serves as a bridge between the academic research community and the Washington policymaking community. Its members consist of more than 100 professional associations, scientific societies, universities, and research centers and institutes. In its many activities, COSSA:

  • Represents the needs and interests of social and behavioral scientists;
  • Educates federal officials about social and behavioral science;
  • Informs the science community about relevant federal policies;
  • and Cooperates with other science and education groups in pursuit of common goals.
  • COSSA hosts an online archive of its newsletter (Washington Update) dating back to 2000.

Coalition to Promote Research

MPSA is also a member of the Coalition to Promote Research.

The Coalition to Promote Research (CPR) is a coalition of national organizations committed to promoting public health, innovation and fundamental knowledge through scientific research. The  organizations represent hundreds of thousands of scientists, physicians, health care providers, and patients who support federal investments in basic and applied biomedical and behavioral research.

National Humanities Alliance 

MPSA is an active member of the National Humanities Alliance.

The National Humanities Alliance is a coalition of organizations dedicated to advancing humanities education, research, preservation, and public programs. We are the only organization that brings together the US humanities community as a whole. NHA does the following:

  • Cultivates support for humanities funding in the executive and legislative branches of the federal government;
  • Advocates for policies that advance humanities research, programming, preservation, and teaching;
  • Convenes our members, government officials, and policy experts to develop policy initiatives; and
  • Promotes engagement with and appreciation for the humanities among the general public.

Additional Advocacy Groups and Coalitions