Dear Colleagues: I am writing to update you on the MPSA’s actions regarding the allegations of misconduct against AJPS editor Bill Jacoby.

First and foremost, I want to assure you that the MPSA leadership is taking these allegations, and the process surrounding their resolution, extremely seriously. The MPSA is firmly committed to ensuring that the association and the journal maintain the highest standards of professional integrity and fairness. The MPSA leadership (volunteer non-experts with no expertise in sexual harassment/misconduct matters) have been working as quickly as possible to 1) understand all of the complexity of the issue, 2) put in place an interim editor solution that will maintain the outstanding quality of the journal and its operations, and 3) launch a search for a new permanent editorial team. This is the approach that the elected council approved during its meeting on April 6. However, given the growing firestorm around the situation, we agree that a more immediate resolution is necessary. To this end, we are scheduling an emergency council meeting this week. We will notify the membership of the outcome of that meeting.

Second, it was brought to our attention that Professor Jacoby posted on the AJPS website an explanation of his position on the issue. This notice was NOT authorized by the MPSA and does not represent the position of the MPSA or any of its members. While the MPSA is ultimately responsible for overseeing the AJPS, we are not involved in any of the operations or editorial decisions of the journal or of the editor. We regret any offense that Professor Jacoby’s action in posting this notice may have caused. The notice has been removed and an apology has been posted. Any further response will be decided at the emergency council meeting.

Third, while the officers of the MPSA are not empowered to take unilateral action on this matter without the approval of the council, we have asked Professor Jacoby to suspend all editorial operations until the council can take formal action later this week. He has agreed to do so, effective immediately. We regret any harm this temporary action may cause to submitting authors and intend for this suspension to last only a few days until an interim editor is in place.

Finally, we want to thank all of you in advance for your understanding during this extremely challenging time. We are deeply committed to the MPSA as a leading organization that supports and promotes the professional development of all of our members.

Elisabeth Gerber, President MPSA