November 11, 2021

Dear President Elsener and Dr. Silva:

We are writing on behalf of the Midwest Political Science Association in support of the political science program at Marian University. While many universities are rethinking their current academic programs, eliminating a critical element of the social sciences strikes us as short sighted. Political science, like economics, psychology, and sociology, provide crucial insights into understanding the current state of the world.  We urge you to preserve the political science program at Marian University.

Our understanding is that Marian University is committed to preparing “transformative leaders for service to the world.” Political science provides students with the communication, analytic, and data skills that are fundamental for productive citizens. These skills are central to a liberal arts education. Political science provides insight into the critical issues that define the core of Franciscan values. In particular “peace and justice” and “reconciliation” are central concepts in the study of political science. Discontinuing the political science major will deny students the opportunity to gain a critical and analytic understanding of their responsibilities as citizens, and to confront those institutions that shape the world around them.

A political science major is a central part of any liberal arts tradition. It ensures that your students are prepared to assume their role as regional, state, and global citizens. We encourage you to work with faculty to maintain the political science department as an essential part of the university. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of us.


Rick K. Wilson, Rice University, President MPSA

Melanie Manion, Duke University, President-Elect MPSA

Diana Mutz, University of Pennsylvania, Immediate Past-President MPSA

William D. Morgan, Executive Director MPSA



Denise Feser, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Dr. Jeff Kellogg, Presiding Officer of the Faculty Assembly