MPSA Statement in Opposition to “Campus Concealed Carry Laws”

October 21, 2015 – Since 2011, states including Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin have enacted “Campus Concealed Carry Laws” that allow licensed handgun owners to bring concealed weapons onto college campuses. The speci cs vary substantially from state to state. For example, Arkansas allows universities to “opt out” of the law, and so far every school in Arkansas has done so. On the other hand, Texas law allows all licensed handgun carriers to bring concealed handguns on campus, as well as into campus buildings, and includes criminal penalties if university administration does not comply with the state law.

The free expression and exchange of ideas is a central part of a student’s educational experience and the MPSA leadership believes it will be harmed by these laws. Moreover, the laws prevent universities from taking reasonable measures to ensure the personal safety of faculty, staff and students. These laws have met with opposition from many within the academic community and the law enforcement community.

As such, the MPSA opposes “Campus Concealed Carry Laws” and urges the repeal of the state laws to allow Institutions of Higher Education the latitude to determine the best methods to protect their campuses, classrooms and dorms.

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