• Promoting opportunity for all Americans.
  • Fostering innovation and economic competitiveness.
  • Ensuring productive global engagement.
  • Strengthening civic knowledge and practice.

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is about the democratization of ideas, providing broad and equal access to advances in knowledge and to the nation’s rich cultural heritage. In 2010 alone, NEH-supported state humanities councils put on 17,700 reading and discussion programs, 5,700 literacy programs, 5,800 speakers bureau presentations, 5,800 conferences, 2,300 Chautauqua events, 7,120 media programs, and 7,600 technology, preservation, and local history events. The 56 councils also sponsored 4,600 exhibitions. – From NEH Fact Sheets at www.NEH.gov

In addition to the NEH, the NHA supports:

You can support the humanities and these programs by:

  • Encouraging Your University to Support Humanities Funding
  • Encourage your campus to join the National Humanities Alliance and become an advocate for the humanities.
  • Urge your university’s Government Relations office to contact elected representatives.

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