MPSA 2022-2023 Academic Year-Long Mentoring Program

Call for Mentors

MPSA invites faculty members to serve as volunteer mentors during the 2022-2023 Academic Year. Mentors will work remotely (via phone or video chat) in a structured format over the academic year with graduate students, junior faculty, mid-career faculty, contingent faculty, or PhDs in non-academic positions.

Total time commitment is approximately 10 hours.

Mentee applications will open in July after the selection of mentors becomes available. MPSA staff will match one mentee per mentor based on the information provided by both parties. Matches will be announced in August. At that time, participating mentors and mentees will receive an email containing contact information and brief biographical sketches. Mentees will then be asked to contact mentors to establish contact.

Resources will be made available to help you with a successful start to your mentoring relationship!

Interested in serving as a MENTOR? Please complete this application by July 1, 2022.

Please note that conference participation is not required to participate in the Academic Year-Long Mentoring Program, however you must be an MPSA member to participate.

Questions? Please contact MPSA Membership staff at

MPSA Mentoring Reception (Small Group Mentoring) at the Annual Conference

The MPSA Mentoring Reception (Small Group Mentoring) is held each year at the MPSA Annual Conference at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL. Individuals from the following groups who sign up in advance of the application deadline (graduate students, junior faculty, mid-career faculty, contingent faculty and PhDs in non-academic position) meet with faculty mentors for the small-group subfield mentoring reception. Each mentor connects with groups of no more than four mentees to discuss current research and professional aspirations.

Short biographical sketches of the mentors are posted to the website each year and potential mentees are assigned with a mentor of their choice on a first come, first served basis. Mentee contact information and research/conversation questions are shared with mentors and participants in the small groups in advance of the reception. Each participant will receive a message of introduction to others participating in the small group mentoring session.

There are no on-site signups for this event, so mentors have plenty of time to review the information for those in their group prior to the event. Attendees must be registered for the in-person conference to participate; there is no virtual option to participate.

Please check back later for more information on the 2023 MPSA Mentoring Reception and call for participants.