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Joining MPSA or Renewing Your Membership
Membership Benefits and Programs
Your MPSA Membership Profile
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FAQ: Joining MPSA or Renewing Your Membership

  • Which membership type should I choose?
    If it’s important to you to have print copies of the AJPS, choose a one-year print membership. You’ll receive 4 copies of the AJPS, and will have online access to current and past issues for the duration of your membership. An additional shipping fee is charged to print members living outside of the continental U.S.  If you don’t require print copies of the journal, a digital membership is a great deal, providing two years of online access to current and past issues, for the same price as a one-year print membership, with no additional fees for members outside of the U.S.

  • How do you verify the income level provided in my membership application? 
    To ensure access to membership for persons from all income levels and career-stages, member dues are charged on an income-based sliding scale. Your stated income level is based on the honor-system.  Accurate representation of your income level reflects your commitment to your colleagues and the discipline as a whole.

  • Which payment types are accepted?
    Payments are accepted online via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. You may also pay online with PayPal, or by mail with a check or credit card. We do not accept purchase orders, wire transfers or bank transfers.

  • Are membership payments refundable? 
    All memberships are non-refundable.

  • How do I get a receipt for membership? 
    To print a receipt for your membership purchase, log in to, click the orange “My Account” button on the homepage, then click “Manage My Account.” Scroll down to "Recent Orders," then click the icon in the "View" column to view and print receipts for any transaction listed.

  • When does my membership expire? 
    Your print membership will expire one year from the date of purchase, on the last day of the month preceding the month you purchased your membership. (E.g. a print membership purchased Feb. 15, 2017 will expire Jan. 31, 2018.) Print memberships provide 4 issues of the AJPS journal. Your digital membership will expire two years from the date purchased, on the last day of the month preceding the month you purchased your membership. (E.g a digital membership purchased Feb.15, 2017 will expire Jan. 31, 2019.) Digital membership provides online access to the AJPS.*

    *Note: If you register for the 2017 MPSA conference at the non-member rate, you will automatically receive a one-year digital membership, expiring on the last day of the month preceding the month you purchased your conference registration.
  • How do I renew my membership? Will I receive an invoice?
    While the MPSA does not send invoices for member dues, members will be notified of upcoming expiration dates and renewal opportunities by email and postal mail.

FAQ: Membership Benefits and Programs

  • When does the member newsletter come out?
    The member newsletter is delivered electronically to your inbox every month.
  • How do I access papers from past conferences?
    Conference papers are available in the Conference Paper Archive on the MPSA website. This archive contains the title, author, abstract, year, and section for all papers presented at the MPSA Conference, beginning in 2004. Papers can be searched by title, author, or keyword (e.g. “political science”). To access the archive, log in to, then select “Past Conferences” from the “Annual Conference” dropdown menu on the homepage and select “Conference Paper Archive”.  Full-text versions are available to members only. If a paper is available, members may click on “Read Full Paper” to access the full text version.  

  • How do I access the audio recordings/podcasts?
    MPSA members have access to select audio recordings from MPSA conferences going back to 2007. Recordings are shared with the permission of the speakers to benefit the professional development of the membership. Members may download conference podcasts by logging in to and selecting “Membership Benefits” and “Highlighted Conference Presentations” from the “Membership” dropdown menu on the homepage. 

  • How do I receive discounted conference registration rates?
    MPSA members are eligible to register for the annual conference at discounted rates. Log in to and select “Register for the Conference” from the “Annual Conference” dropdown menu on the homepage. Members will automatically be registered at the discounted rate. Non-members will have the opportunity to purchase a membership in conjunction with their conference registration to receive the discounted rate.

  • How do I access the AJPS online?
    To access the AJPS online, log in to and click select “AJPS – American Journal of Political Science” from the “Publications and Research” dropdown menu on the MPSA homepage, then select “Journal Subscription."*

    *Note: You must be logged in to MPSA and hold a current MPSA membership to access the AJPS.

  • How can I submit a paper for publication in the AJPS?
    To submit a manuscript for publication, log in to and select “AJPS – American Journal of Political Science” from the “Publications and Research” dropdown menu, then select “Submit Manuscript to AJPS”. Specific instructions regarding manuscript preparation and submission are provided.

  • How can I submit an AJPS review?
    To submit an AJPS review, log in to and select “AJPS – American Journal of Political Science” from the “Publications and Research” dropdown menu, then select “Submit Review to AJPS.” Specific instructions for preparing and submitting your review are provided.

  • What scholarships or awards are available for MPSA members?
    The MPSA offers three conference scholarships: The Conference Registration Fee Waiver Scholarship; the Harrell Rodgers Graduate Student Travel Scholarship; and the Childcare Scholarship. The eligibility criteria, application process, and application deadlines are described on the MPSA website via the “Scholarships” link, under the “Annual Conference” drop-down menu on the homepage. The MPSA also sponsors many awards for outstanding research presented at the MPSA Conference and one award for the best article published in each volume of the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS). Nominations are made by conference chairs, discussants, and section heads after the conference. Award committees select the winning papers. Awards are announced at the MPSA business meeting during the conference the following year.

  • How do I make a donation to MPSA or to a specific MPSA award? 
    Tax-deductible donations to the MPSA Endowment or to specific awards may be made by credit card on the MPSA website via the “Donate Now” button under the ”About MPSA” drop-down menu. To make a donation by check, please mail your donation to the MPSA office.

  • What advocacy projects is MPSA involved in? How can I get involved?
    MPSA is involved in a variety of advocacy projects related to the discipline. Visit and select links from the “Advocacy” drop-down menu on the homepage to find information about current issues, media coverage, advocacy group and coalitions and ways you can get involved.

FAQ: Your MPSA Membership Profile

  • How do I log in to the MPSA website?
    Log in to the MPSA website by clicking the Sign In button and entering your username and password. If you are unsure of your username and/or password, click the "Sign In" button on the homepage, then select “Can’t access your account?” on the Sign In page to retrieve your information.

    To use your account for the first time on our new website, you will need to select the orange “Activate Your Existing Account” button on the MPSA homepage and follow the instructions provided or select “Sign In” on the homepage. If you are unsure of your username and/or password, click the "Sign In" button on the homepage, then select “Can’t access your account?” to retrieve your information. 

    If you have never had an MPSA account, click "Sign In" on the homepage, then click "Register Now" at the bottom of the page.*

    *Note: If you already have an existing account and create a new account, your membership history, transaction receipts, etc. will not be accessible from the new account and can not be merged from the old account. If you are unable to access your existing account, please contact for assistance, rather than creating a new account.

  • How do I retrieve my username and/or password?
    To retrieve your username or password, visit and click on “Sign In”. If you are unsure of your username and/or password, click the "Sign In" button on the homepage, then select “Can’t access your account?” to retrieve your information. If you no longer have access to the email account associated with your profile, please email for assistance.

  • How do I update my affiliation, email address or other contact information?
    To update the information in your user profile, log in to, click the "My Account" button at the top of the screen, then click the "Manage My Account" link. Under "Account Actions" on the right side of the screen, you will have the option to edit your profile or bio, indicate address preferences, and make changes to your privacy settings, research interests, and work affiliations.

    *Note: To change your name, please contact MPSA at 812.558.0588 Ext. 2 or

  • I’m having trouble accessing my profile, or the information in my profile has changed. Should I create another profile?
    Please do not create more than one profile in our system. Creation could cause your current membership, conference registration or proposals, or prior transactions to end up associated with different profiles. We are unable to merge information from multiple profiles into a single profile, so your history could be lost. Contact the MPSA office at if you need assistance accessing your profile and are unable to retrieve your username and password via the MPSA website.

Additional Questions? 

If your question about membership isn't answered above, please email MPSA membership staff at