Junior Scholar Symposium Guidelines and FAQs

If you are participating virtually, you can view the virtual conference instructions here. View Session Times, Formats and Role Descriptions here.

The Junior Scholar Symposium (JSS) is a unique opportunity for graduate students to discuss and receive detailed feedback on their research in a more intimate setting than the standard paper session. Each JSS session brings together a small group of single-authored junior scholar projects with a senior discussant. Each of the authors and discussant(s) will have read all the papers in the group, so there are no formal presentations. Each author will spend only about two minutes providing an overview before the other participants discuss the research. The Junior Scholar Symposium is by invite only.








Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to prepare for my JSS session?
Upload your research paper to the online conference program so that your fellow participants can access and read it; you might also consider sending it to the group via email as a courtesy. To view email addresses, click on a participant in the online program (you must be logged in to view email addresses). Likewise, read the other papers in your session, take notes and prepare questions or comments for the discussion.

What date/time is my JSS session?
You can find the schedule for your JSS session in the online conference program. The online program is searchable by participant name, session time, and session format.

Where is my JSS session located?
All JSS sessions are held concurrently in a large ballroom at the Palmer House. The room contains multiple tables, and each JSS session is assigned to one of the tables. You will be able to view the room and table assignment for your session in the print program at the conference.

Do I need to prepare a presentation?
The JSS session is more akin to a seminar than a standard paper session. Because the rest of the participants in your session will have read your paper carefully, you will not be giving a formal presentation. At most, be prepared to give a quick two-minute overview of your project. The bulk of the session will be devoted to discussion.

What time should I arrive for my JSS session?
Arrive at the ballroom 15 minutes before your presentation.