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Did You Present at MPSA 2015? Upload Your Conference Paper

Presented at MPSA 2015? Please upload your paper to be eligible for one of the MPSA 2015 Awards. When your paper is uploaded, it will be available in the conference paper archive. If your paper is not available, this will also be indicated in the search results. 

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MPSA 2015 Program

The 73rd annual MPSA Conference will be held April 16-19, 2015 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL.  Click on a button below to search the preliminary 2015 conference program.

Download a .pdf of the 2015 program (2MB) - Current as of 4/13/15. Please check the online program for updated information. 

Please note that the conference program is intended as a service for MPSA conference attendees and others wishing to verify attendee participation. This resource is not intended for marketing or other business development purposes.

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Featured MPSA Podcast
Featured MPSA Podcast

Featured MPSA Conference Roundtable Podcast:  Measuring Women's Political Empowerment Across the Globe -  Amy C. Alexander, University of California, Irvine, Chair; Sandi DiMola, Carlow University; Melanie M. Hughes, University of Pittsburgh; Allyson M. Lowe, Carlow University; Diana Z. O'Brien, University of Southern California; Mary Caprioli, University of Minnesota, Deluth; S. Laurel Weldon, Purdue University (1 hour 36 minutes)

“Should we trust the promises of this candidate?
“Should we trust the promises of this candidate?

Candidates can promise almost anything during electoral campaigns, but voters generally do not possess any direct institutional instrument to make them keep their promises. But are campaigns nothing other than cheap talk? And, do voters benefit from electoral campaigns? Read Luca Corazzini's summary of “Elections and Deceptions: An Experimental Study on the Behavioral Effects of Democracy” on the AJPS blog.

MPSA Communities - A new resource for MPSA members!
MPSA Communities - A new resource for MPSA members!

A new way to connect with fellow MPSA members to share resources, ask questions, and engage with your colleagues is here! Use your username and password for to log in to the MPSA Communities.

MPSA Holiday Office Closure
MPSA Holiday Office Closure
MPSA staff offices will be closed on Monday, May 25 in observance of Memorial Day. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, May 26.

Congressional Staff Briefing on ACS - Some in Congress want to cut back, eliminate or make voluntary the American Community Survey (ACS). The Census Project and 21 organizations are co-hosting a briefing on the vital uses of the ACS on Wednesday, May 27 in Washington DC. Congressional staff are invited to attend the Briefing on "The Census Bureau's American Community Survey: Ten Years of Delivering Data for Smart Decision-Making" (RSVP by May 25)

Need a receipt for your conference registration? Please log in at and click on your name on the top right of the screen to go to your Order History. Each transaction can be printed from this page by clicking on the "Print Transaction" button. If you need a certificate of participation, please send an email to  

Announcing the Leamer-Rosenthal Prizes for Open Social Science - Transparent research is integral to the validity of science. Openness is especially important in such social science disciplines as economics, political science and psychology, because this research shapes policy and influences clinical practices that affect millions of lives. To encourage openness in research and the teaching of best practices, the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) has established The Leamer-Rosenthal Prizes for Open Social Science. For more details, please visit the BITSS website. Deadline: September 13, 2015. 

MPSA Communities: A new resource for members!
  A new way to connect with fellow MPSA members to share resources, ask questions, and engage with your colleagues is here! Use your username and password for to log in to the MPSA Communities. Need a refresher? Click here for Login Help

MPSA Announces Wikipedia Initiative - MPSA has partnered with the Wiki Education Foundation to ensure that accurate and complete political science information is available to the general public on Wikipedia. In order to accomplish this, MPSA encourages members to contribute content to Wikipedia, or assign students to do so as part of your courses. Learn more about the partnership at 

The Yale Global Justice Program, Global Financial Integrity, and Academics Stand Against Poverty invite submissions of original essays of ca. 7,000 to 9,000 words on the intelligent use of incentives toward curtailing corporations’ use of tax evasion and avoidance, abusive transfer pricing and all forms of illicit financial flows. All prizes are named in honor of Amartya Sen, whose work has shown how the rigor of economic thinking can be brought to bear on normative and practical questions of great human significance. For more details, please see the ASAP website.  Deadline: August 31, 2015.

Job Placement/Position Openings

Since there are traditionally very few positions open in the spring, we decided to forgo the traditional placement area at the MPSA conference. Open position? Please email it to heeke (at) mpsanet (dot) org for inclusion in our monthly newsletter and online. 

Funding Political Science Research: Updates

Read COSSA's House FY 2016 CJS Preliminary Analysis (5/13/15)

Read COSSA's Statement on the House America Reauthorization Act of 2015 - HR 1806 (4/17/15)

Read COSSA's Analysis of FY 2016 Budget Request for Social & Behavioral Science (2/11/15) - An "FY 2016 budget request, which includes details on the President's proposals for the dozens of departments, agencies, and programs of interest to social and behavioral science researchers."